About Sand Drift Fencing

Different types of fencing have evolved over the years to help protect and encourage accretion of sand on coastal beaches and dunes. The type of fencing product used depends on the wave environment. In very low or no wave environments, the wood-slat sand fence, in some locales also known as snow fence, is a low cost method of encouraging wind blown sand accretion. In low to medium intensity wave zones, the sand drift fence is used to encourage wind blown sand accretion, as well as sand accretion/wave energy dissipation, from wave up-rush on the beach face. Sand drift fencing can be constructed of either wood or synthetic mesh products and is anchored with 5 to 8 inch diameter posts. NETCO’s vibro post driver facilitates the installation of fence posts with both speed and accuracy. Additional fencing products offered by NETCO include livestock and deer fencing as well as standard wood guardrail fencing.