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ElcoRock Report

2af065d5-0aaa-4d6d-a4f4-53494b5952cfThis past month I traveled to Australia to visit the factory and technical offices of Geofabrics, manufacturers of the ElcoRock geo bag container system. I also visited job sites that use the ElcoRock system, specifically the 2.5 cubic meter container. The purpose of the trip was to better understand both design and construction issues behind use of the ElcoRock system.

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Hello from Australia

c55ff512-9995-4183-8793-25f18800e46aThis month I’m writing our newsletter from Australia where I’ve come to visit the ELCOROCK factory to learn more about this new erosion control product. As mentioned in a previous NETCO newsletter, we are using ELCOROCK on a coastal stabilization project at White Cliffs in Plymouth, MA.

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Mount Everett Regional School

fd923a35-3352-4c32-bc0c-52b0f7a6cae2Just a short drive from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA is the Mount Everett Regional School in Sheffield. As many of you may know Normal Rockwell was one of the best known and most prolific illustrators of small town New England life in the 1920’s to the 1960’s. Among his thousands of illustrations, including hundreds of Saturday Evening Post covers, are scenes depicting rural New England homes with wood burning fireplaces.

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Dam Repair by NETCO

rt-netcoA current NETCO project is the St. Mark’s Dam Repair Project in North Attleboro, MA. The dam is owned by the Town of North Attleboro, and is adjacent to St. Mark’s Church. Built in the 1950’s, the dam no longer meets current dam safety engineering standards primarily due to extensive, overgrown vegetation.

The project involves rebuilding the dam embankment which includes the removal of 125 trees and associated dense vegetation, and removal of the root systems which have grown into the embankment.

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NETCO Team Members Give Back

nov-2015Meet Zach Lager, NETCO’s Manager of Field Operations and a very busy man!  Zach is a graduate of the University of Richmond. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, has traveled extensively, and spent a number of years in Mozambique, Africa where, in 2011, he founded Local Development Catalyst Network (LDCN). LDCN is a community based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to foster sustainable development in rural Mozambique.

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NETCO’s First ElcoRock Project Begins!

elcoNETCO has begun work on the first large scale ElcoRock project in the U.S. at White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA. The project involves the installation of 2.5 cubic meter geo-synthetic containers.  Each container weighs approximately 7 tons. The ElcoRock containers are being installed using a pumped/gravity fed water/sand slurry system.

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A New Product for NETCO: Introducing Elcorock!

1rightFor a number of years, NETCO has used biodegradable coir envelope systems in coastal stabilization projects in New England. While we will continue to install coir systems to protect and restore the shoreline, we are about to begin a revetment project using a new product at White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA.

Developed over the last 25 years, Elcorock containers consist of highly durable non-woven, needle punched staple fiber geotextiles. The Elcorock containers are manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia Pty., Ltd. Enhanced filtration combined with resistance to abrasion and UV damage makes this material ideal for coastal applications. Elcorock installations are highly stabile and durable in turbulent coastal environments even under the harshest of conditions.

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A Steep Stairway to Heaven in Truro

840e576d-5f97-47a0-9e3d-c97f0eb45ba2Last fall NETCO began a coastal bank staircase project in Truro and, after a long winter layoff, the staircase is complete. We think this design may be a prototype for staircases on steep and eroding coastal banks in the future.

The Town of Truro Conservation Commission reviewed the potential for erosion in the area of the coastal stair structure and came to the conclusion that the coastal bank area was experiencing an increased rate of erosion. The Commission was concerned that the erosion would cause the stairs to become unstable and unsafe…

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Nantucket Bank Stabilization

Fully established beach grass

This spring NETCO has been engaged in a number of coastal bank stabilization projects. In this month’s newsletter we will address the stabilization of a coastal bank on Nantucket Island. Like many coastal communities, Nantucket has experienced extensive coastal erosion in recent years and especially during this winter’s storm season.

Saving Face: Stabilizing a Nantucket Coastal Bank

One of NETCO’s larger projects this spring is a coastal bank stabilization project along Baxter Road on Nantucket Island. As we have mentioned in previous issues of the NETCO newsletter, there are two steps to successfully stabilizing a coastal bank or dune. The first step is to stabilize the toe of the bank or dune against storm winds and surf, and the second step is to stabilize the face against rain and water running down the bank. A well stabilized toe ensures the success of the work done on the face of the coastal bank or dune.

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Coastal Erosion Commission Report and Recommendations

reportsSpring has finally shown its face in New England and we’re all enjoying the warmer temperatures-especially our crew. This month our newsletter will focus on the recently issued Coastal Erosion Commission DRAFT Report and Recommendations, January 2015. Our Beach Notes include some interesting articles in response to the Report.

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