Sandwich Town Hall Restoration & Rehabilitation

The Sandwich Town Hall is considered to be one of the earliest town halls in Massachusetts. Built in 1834, it was one of the first constructed in Massachusetts following the November 11, 1833 referendum vote to ratify the separation of church and state by amending Article III of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Commonwealth.

NETCO was selected by the Town of Sandwich to be the Owner’s Project Manager for the first significant restoration and rehabilitation work on the Town Hall since 1914. The design and construction work took 19 months and involved significant structural, M.E.P. and space configuration work. The goal of the work was to maintain the important historic character of the structure, yet upgrade and adapt the building to allow for increased public use of the second floor Assembly Hall and improved functionality of the first floor Town Hall office area.

NETCO was selected for this work based on its previous historic structure restoration work and its proven management capabilities in adaptive reuse design and construction. NETCO assisted the Town in selecting the design architect and managed the design and construction process.

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