North Brookfield Police Station

NETCO was selected by the Town of North Brookfield to be the Project Manager for the construction of a new 8,000 square foot police station. The tight 16 month schedule included project management services from the selection of the architect through the design and construction process.

The Police Station was constructed on a Brownfield site which was the former the location of the Aztech Corporation brake manufacturing facility. An extensive amount of asbestos was left behind when the original buildings were demolished leaving soil contaminated to depths as great as four feet. NETCO has extensive experience in working with hazardous waste materials, including asbestos.

Construction of the new police facility involved site and utility work performed by a contractor trained and certified in asbestos abatement protocol. The site demanded extensive environmental safety precautions monitored by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency. The North Brookfield Police Station is a pilot project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding how contaminated sites could be managed in the future.

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